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Shorashim the Biblical Shop

As a Biblical Shop, we offer a wide range of gifts and art pieces inspired by the timeless verses of the Tanach (the Bible). Visit our Biblical Shop

Biblical Jewelry

We offer a wide array of Biblical Jewelry that demonstrates the depth and the beauty of Tanach. Personalized jewelry and Judaica Jewelry. Shop Biblical Jewelry.

Biblical Art

Nothing is more uplifting than a blessing, nothing more lyrical than prayer. Our artists fuse their artistic vision with the power of the prayers. Shop Biblical Art.


Prayer shawls, shofars, kiddush cups, challah covers,Shabbat Candlesticks, Mezuzzot, and more. Shop our Judaica Collection

Jerusalem Insights


The Still Small Voice

Moshe Kempinski On this month my family and I are celebrating thirty years since our arrival , our Aliyah to Israel. We are in the midst of a time wherein we witness another senseless destruction of Jewish homes in Bet-El and hear the growing litany of "allies" and our compatriots across the ... [Continue Reading]

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